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Vibroseis-Truck-TUBAF (seismic source)

Model id: SERCEL VIB 3246


Type of seismic source:
vibratorA source that generates seismic waves by vibration in countact with the ground or rock surface.
Peak force:276 J
Type of carrier:
truckThe tool is mounted on a truck.
Carrier included:yes
Time synchronisation:
GNSSTime synchronisation via a GNSS network.
Postprocessing:Yes, decoding and correlation
Length:10.10 m
Width:2.55 m
Length:3.80 m
Weight:32000 kg
Type of fuel:diesel & AdBlue
Usage conditons:Only non-commercial research is allowed/welcome.
Additional usage conditions:Available for joint project
Additional information available at:https://www.sercel.com/products/Pages/VIB-3246.aspx
Additional specifications:805 l diesel + 60 l AdBlue tanks; > 800 km in road transfer

Operator and contact:

Operator:TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics
Contact person:Stefan Buske
Telephone:+49 3731392728
Address: Gustav-Zeuner-Strasse 12
09599 Freiberg, Germany

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