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SERCEL428-UU (seismic recording system)

Model id: Sercel 428XL

Description: The recording system comes with a Mercedes Sprinter truck that is used for transportation and recording. Requires 230 V AC external power. Comes with generator.


Type of carrier:
truckThe tool is mounted on a truck.
Carrier included:yes
Time synchronisation:
GNSS or direct linkTime synchronisation via a GNSS network or triggered via direct link.
Connection to the sensors:
SERCELSERCEL propriatary connector.
Connection to the source:
radioSynchronisation between seismic source and recording system is via a radio connection.
Type of fuel:diesel
Usageconditons:Access on inquiry with the operation organisation/contact person.
Additional usage conditions:Rental or loan depending upon project
Additional information available at:https://www.sercel.com/products/Pages/428xl.aspx
Additional specifications:About 450 channels, both triple links and single links with 27.5 m cables, 6 LAUX, 7 LAUL

Operator and contact:

Operator:Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences
Contact person:Christopher Juhlin
Telephone:+46 704250183
Address: Villav├Ągen 16
752 36 Uppsala, Sweden

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