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RG3000-LU (Logging winch)


Minimum logging speed:0.20 m/min
Maximum logging speed:80.00 m/min
Maximum pulling force:13500 N
Type of depth system:
depth-tensionDepth-tension system as part of the cable guidance of the winch, mounted in front of the drum.
Type of logging cable:
4 conductorA logging cable with 4 conductors.
Maximum cable capacity:3000 m
Actual cable length:3000 m
Cable thickness:0.00476 m
Connectors to the acquisitionsystem:Robertson Geologging 19 pin connector
Implement search on acquisition systems with this connector.
Type of carrier:
containerThe tool is part of a container/mounted in a shipping container.
Length:2.99 m
Width:2.44 m
Height:2.59 m
Required external power:4000 W
Usage conditons:Commercial usage allowed/welcome.
Additional usage conditions:Logging as service by Lund University
Additional specifications:Speed core: 0.2 – 34m/min rim: 0.5 – 100m/min; Pull core: 1,350kgF rim: 460kgF; Motor 440VAC 3-Phase 4kVA

Operator and contact:

Operator:Lund University, Engineering Geology
Contact person:Per-Gunnar Alm
Telephone:+46 462228992
Address: John Ericssons väg 1
223 63 Lund, Sweden

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