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RG2000-UU (Logging winch)


Maximum logging speed:30.00 m/min
Type of depth system:
depth-tensionDepth-tension system as part of the cable guidance of the winch, mounted in front of the drum.
Type of logging cable:
4 conductorA logging cable with 4 conductors.
Maximum cable capacity:2030 m
Actual cable length:1200 m
Cable thickness:0.00476 m
Connectors to the acquisitionsystem:Robertson Geologging 19 pin connector
Implement search on acquisition systems with this connector.
Length:1.06 m
Width:0.61 m
Height:0.74 m
Weight:142 kg
Required external power:1500 W
Usage conditons:Access on inquiry with the operation organisation/contact person.
Additional specifications:1.5 kW at 220 V AC

Operator and contact:

Operator:Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences
Contact person:Emil Lundberg
Address: Villav├Ągen 16
752 36 Uppsala, Sweden

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