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OPTV-LU (Logging tool)

Model id: Robertson Geologging Borehole Optical Televiewer


  • borehole image acquired by optical borehole televiewer
  • probe orientation derived from magnetometer and accelerometer/gravimeter data

Purpose: geological structures: bedding, foliation, lamination, natural & induced fractures, breakouts, casing inspection

Description: The OPTV probe provides a continuous, detailed and orientated image of the borehole walls using a optical imaging system. This can be rapidly interpreted, using data from the integral orientation module, to obtain a complete feature analysis that includes dip, strike, frequency and fracture aperture. A visual display option is projection of features onto an imaginary core that can be rotated and viewed from any orientation. An OPTV survey can often replace expensive coring with its associated problems of incomplete core recovery and offers much greater flexibility and convenience for data interpretation than a conventional borehole television survey. The RG OPTV has technical features that allow it to log at speeds of 2.5m/min while still achieving 1mm resolution, even on cable lengths up to 2000m (3560ft). The probe is compatible with both standard 4-core and coaxial cables. Interpretation software is available for detailed analysis of the displayed features and includes conventional arrow (tadpole) plots, stereograms of feature orientations and synthetic core images.


Vertical resolution:0.001 m
Typical logging speed:2.50 m/min
Maximum pressure:20.0 MPa
Maximum temperature:70℃
Required boreholefluid:
no requirementsNo special requirements with regard to the borehole fluid.
Minimum borehole diameter:0.070 m
Maximum borehole diameter:0.500 m
Centralisation required:yes
Type of datatransfer:
cableData are transferred in real time via a cable.
Required type of logging cable:
coaxial/4 conductorCoaxial and 4 conductor cable types are possible.
Required cablehead:
GO4Connector according to GO 4 standard (4 conductors).
Implement search on winches with this cable head.
Type of signal:
digitalDigital signal transmission.
Maximum cable length:2000 m
Acquisitionsystem (recommended):RG-LU
Length:1.51 m
Maximum diameter:0.050 m
Weight:7.2 kg
Belongs to toolstring:
standaloneA stand alone tool that cannot be integrated in a tool string.
Usage conditons:Commercial usage allowed/welcome.
Additional usage conditions:Logging as service by Lund University

Operator and contact:

Operator:Lund University, Engineering Geology
Contact person:Per-Gunnar Alm
Telephone:+46 462228992
Address: John Ericssons väg 1
223 63 Lund, Sweden

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