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FS-PDS-ICDP (Fluidsampler)

Model id: Positive Displacement Borehole Fluid Sampler, Leutert, SN: WS0292013


Type of sampler:
positive displacementPositive Displacement Sampler (PDS).
Transfer method:
pressurised, gas tightA transfer method that preserves the pressure of the sample vessel and does not allow gases to diffuse out of or into the sampled fluid.
Volume:0.600 l
Samples/run:1 l
Maximum pressure:100.0 MPa
Maximum temperature:180℃
Minimum depth:1000 m
Minimum borehole diameter:0.075 m
Length:3.90 m
Maximum diameter:0.040 m
Weight:30 kg
Belongs to toolstring:
Antares telemetryAlways in combination with and only with the Antares Telemetry Sub TS.
Usage conditons:Only non-commercial research is allowed/welcome.
Additional usage conditions:Logging as service by ICDP OSG
Additional information available at:https://www.icdp-online.org/fileadmin/icdp/services/img/Logging/OSG_Slimhole_Sondes_Specs_pics.pdf
Additional specifications:mercury free sample transfer (pressurised and gas tight)

Operator and contact:

Operator:GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Centre for Scientific Drilling
Contact person:Jochem Kück
Telephone:+49 3312881087
Address: Telegrafenberg
Building A69
14473 Potsdam, Germany

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