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Robertson Geologging USB Micrologger 2 (Acquisitionsystem)

Description: From manufacturers website: Supports RG and many third-party probes. USB high-speed link to PC. Compatible with most winches/cables. Remote control of SMART winch. Real-time data display and printing. Data output in LAS and RG formats. Modular construction for easy field maintenance.


Type of signal:
digitalDigital signal transmission.
Type of logging cable:
no limitationsNo specific cable type required.
Connectors to the acquisitionsystem:Robertson Geologging 19 pin connector
Usage conditons:Access on inquiry with the operation organisation/contact person.

Operator and contact:

Operator:Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences
Contact person:Emil Lundberg
Address: Villav├Ągen 16
752 36 Uppsala, Sweden

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